Earn money online by doing almost Nothing


Cashgopher is owned by MyLot site which is known of paying to members since it is launched. Mylot site pays you to discuss and comments in every member’s discussion. I’ve been paid also with mylot! I am proposing you the new site of mylot that pays you just being online and surfing the internet. Whatever you do with your computer on that day you get credit with cashgopher. The more time you spend your computer – the more earn in your cashgopher account. 

- You Download The Cash Gopher Software (it only takes a minute or two)
- Your Computer Works For You During Its Idle Time
- We Share Our Advertising Revenues With You
- The Gopher Pays You Cash Each Month Via Paypal
- Then... Refer Others & Make Even More Money!!!
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his review of cashgopher will concentrate mostly on what the application is offering to the users and how they are doing so. Being new(not even a month old), it's premature to say that it's a scam site or a legit site. Only long term statistics can prove so. But there are substantial points to be taken into consideration.

Cash gopher was created by the team of mylot.com. It lets people earn money using their computer when it's idle. For doing so, one has to first register on their site cashgopher.com . After this, download the cash gopher application.

Cash gopher is software application which when installed on the computer would utilize the computer's processing power when the computer is not in use, that is, when the computer is idle. Depending upon how much processing power has been utilized, the earnings will be decided. The earnings are usually updated every 24-48 hours.

Cash gopher will also display targeted ads when the application is running. This way it gives more opportunity for a person to earn. One of the ad network displays ads when you are surfing a particular sites is geoads.com which I have come across. It basically displays text ads when you are doing a Google search in place of the sponsored ads of Google and also on other sites which you are surfing. Text link ads like Kontera are displayed to take advantage of content based sites.

I have come across a cash gopher widget which is displayed while using ebay. This widget will suggest products related to what you are surfing on ebay.Similarly you can find out cash gopher widget on other ecommerce sites like amazon, etc.

Overall, the ad placement is excellent. The business plan put in by Cash Gopher seems to be solid considering the way they have developed the application.

The idle time activity has been called as 'chores' and one such chore mentioned was website uptime monitoring.

The payments are done through Paypal.on or around 15th of every month. The minimum amount to be accumulated for payment is $10.

Referral Program: Cash gopher provides individuals to earn through their referral program. For each individual referred, the referrer will get 25% of the referrals earnings for a 12 month period.

Being a new program, there is a lot of apprehension amongst users. But since mylot is a well established community, the people who are using mylot for a considerable amount of time have got a lot of trust in cash gopher. Only time will tell how much of a success will this program be.

Since it's a new program we can't suggest much whether it's a scam or a legitimate program. Over a period of time the answer can be found. But since it's a free program to join, there is nothing much to worry about. The only worry would be to check whether the software installed by cash gopher is a spyware or adware or not. Until then we have to wait for some payment and earning proofs.

Some Proof

There might be certain parameters involved which decide the amount which you earn daily. A few of them seem to be as follows:

1.Duration for which Cash Gopher is running on your computer.
2.Your country of residence.
3.The amount of time you spend on surfing the internet.
4.Shopping sites (ebay, etc.) visited by you.
5.Your internet connection.